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M&S Sleep Lab with Dr Julie Smith

 I’m a guest as The Sleep Coach Max Kirsten on a new podcast called The Sleep Lab hosted by clinical psychologist @drjuliesmith in association with The Sleep Shop @marksandspencer. We discuss amongst many things on sleep, how to cure a ‘racing mind’, and my top tips for good sleep hygiene. You can also find The […]


CORONAVIRUS: HOW TO GET A BETTER NIGHT’S SLEEP IF YOU’RE FEELING ANXIOUS DURING THE PANDEMIC It is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world, but sometimes falling asleep can feel like an impossible task, writes Sarah Young Life in lockdown is not easy, with the majority of the country facing increased financial pressures, anxiety over the health […]


What works for getting a good night’s sleep? Your questions answered A panel of experts will be joining us for a live Q&A to discuss insomnia and how to get a good night’s sleep on Tuesday, January 21 from noon to 2pm. Add your question in the comments to get involved The Times, January 13 2020, […]


RSS8/5/2019 Laura and Abi with Sleep Coach Max Kirsten. Season 1, Ep. 8 Join Laura and Abi on a quest to navigate their way through 21st century adulthood. This week Laura and Abi learn about one of their favourite hobbies, sleeping! Is sleep better for banishing wrinkles than botox? Why do women need more sleep than men? Does sleeping […]

‘Back to the Forest’

Become more connected to nature to improve your sleep. Latest research confirms what most of us already know, that when we get outside we become happier and more positive people. Getting closer to nature with eco-therapy is showing extraordinary results for wellness, well-being, and also helps you to re-discover how to sleep better. Simply by […]

If you snooze, you lose!

Three rules for effective weight loss: 1, Always wait at least 90 minutes after eating before you go to bed, and if you can eat earlier that is even better. A research study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that eating easily digestible carbs 4 hours before bedtime led people to fall asleep […]

What is Clean Sleeping?

‘Clean Sleeping’ was most recently popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow, in her Goop: Clean Beauty book, which is (mostly) based on sensible and sound sleep hygiene rules and principles. The essence of clean sleeping, Is basically a ‘natural drug-free approach’ to regularly get the best night of sleep, boosting your wellness, and to achieve optimal health […]