27th August, 2014

6 Signs That You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

By Max Kirsten
6 Signs That You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

We all know how important getting a good night sleep is. However, just yawning a lot and feeling tired all the time are only two of the most obvious signs of sleep deprivation.

Here’s my list of six more signs that you’re just not getting enough sleep.

1: You’ve Just Crunched Your Car!
It only takes a moment of distraction, and when we are tired your reactions are impaired. Research and sleep studies have shown that chronic and short-term sleep deprivation produces slower reaction times. one study at Stanford University in the US proved that sleep deprived people performed worse in reaction time tests than people who were under the influence of alcohol.

We all know that if you’re driving a car at high speed whether it’s on the motorway or dual carriageways that sleepiness causes accidents, and drifting lanes whilst drifting off is extremely dangerous. Fresh air and even a short rest before driving again is always the best short-term solution.

But it’s not just the stopping distance of your car that’s impaired by lack of sleep, it can be the simplest manoeuvres like parking or even getting out of the car, opening the door without taking proper care to see if there are any cars or cyclists about to pass before you open the door. So beware of sleep deprived drivers.

2: You Shout at the Children or Family Members!
Impatience, intolerance, irritability and rage have all been linked to sleep deprivation. This is true both of adults as well as children. It’s important that everyone in the family gets enough regular sleep, so that the kids are less likely to misbehave and you will be less likely to lose your temper.

3: You Just Can’t Seem to Lose That Weight!
Hard as it is to believe, not getting enough sleep interferes with your bodies hormonal balance. HGH or human growth hormone and testosterone are to important hormones that help to regulate and maintain a strong lean healthy body. Not getting enough sleep slows down the body’s natural metabolic rate.

4: You Have Cravings For Carbs and Sugary Things.
Poor sleep can cause cravings for carbohydrates and sugary snacks. Sleep balances our appetite hormones, and reduced sleep interferes with keeping to a healthy diet, and motivation to do regular exercise. Who wants to exercise if you feel tired?

5: You Continuously Lose Things, Like Your Keys!
Being sleep deprived, we miss out on the important REM stage of good sleep. It is thought that memory consolidation occurs during the REM phase (rapid eye movement). Memory glitches, wondering why you walked into a room? What was I looking for? Forgetting the name of even your loved one? Losing your car or house keys? These are signs that you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Long-term sleep problems have even been shown to have an association with Alzheimer’s disease. So get more sleep to improve your long-term mental health.

6: You Need An Alarm Clock.
If you’re getting enough regular sleep, and if you’re going to bed at more or less the same time each night, you will find that you will naturally wake each morning at the desired regular time, feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. However, if you are sleep deprived, and your body hasn’t had a chance to complete its natural restorative tasks, you will feel that it is almost impossible to wake up, and feel you need the noisy unpleasant sound of an alarm clock is almost the only way to wake and then drag your weary body out of the bed. So get more sleep, go to bed earlier, enjoy being in bed more.

So watch out for these classic signs that your body and mind needs more sleep, and then do something about it! Rest is good for you, even if you’re not always asleep!

Learn how to practice better sleep hygiene.

I wish you a great night sleep, every night!

Max Kirsten