The Power of Sleep

The Sleep Coach teaches business teams how to get a better sleep to perform better at work.

Did you know that poor quality sleep is one of the biggest factors in loss of productivity?

Pioneering a new approach to corporate wellness, The Sleep Coach teaches employees the ‘ABC for Better Sleep’ and how better sleep can help you to achieve optimal health, and even how to stay healthy through times of great stress by learning and using the five keys of the Clear Process for business.

As The Sleep Coach™ – Max teaches you and your team, how to get better sleep, how to be healthier as a direct result, and how to stay well by practising greater self-care approaches on a daily basis. Optimal Health is the goal. Feeling well, thinking well, and with less time off sick away etc…

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Working with leading companies, including:

What clients are saying about The Sleep Coach

“Thank you so much for joining us to talk at Unilever’s Event. The feedback on your session has been phenomenal and we are delighted that you brought so much inspiration to our Business. We look forward to working with you in the future.”


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