29th December, 2021

Once upon a Mattress Topper…

By Max Kirsten
Once upon a Mattress Topper…

(True Story)

“So deliciously comfortable you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning!” ~ Max Kirsten, Sleep Coach

Before I became a Sleep Coach in 2009 when I started to create my first insomnia sleep coaching apps and hypnosis downloads helping insomniacs learn how to sleep naturally, I always wondered why do the beds in luxury hotels always feel so much more comfortable than my own bed?

A little exploring led me to discover…  it wasn’t just the mattress. There was something extra involved called a mattress topper.

I’ve always enjoyed my own bed, having taken the time to find the right one that supported me correctly and felt superb to sleep upon night after night.  My wife and I settled upon our independently sprung hand-made mattress, with a white padded (6 inches wide) mattress wooden frame for extra width and support… that needed an even larger duvet to keep us snug I might add. Still, that nagging feeling persisted after sleeping on luxury hotel beds… bedtime was missing something!

I’ve since done the required homework, I now understand there are many types of topper, from size, thickness to the choice of materials.  

Topper School- What do you look for?

What are they made from?

Materials- Some are made with memory foam, while others have a down-like filling, the materials can make a big difference to the comfort of the mattress topper. 

Size – A topper needs to be the same size as your mattress, some come with straps to make sure it stays in place (recommended if you don’t like mattress surfing)

Some keep you cool-  Some toppers are even capable of cooling you, particularly good in the summer, aeration and being breathable are some of the most sought-after qualities.

Soft or firm? A Topper can help soften a ‘too firm’ mattress without the price tag or headache of completely changing your mattress, and others can boost support if your mattress is getting on in life.

Sleep quality- As a sleep coach, I deeply understand the value of quality sleep and looking for ways to ensure you get optimal sleep duration for health, recovery for peak performance, with variations based on your age and gender. And a comfortable bed of course plays an essential part towards sleep quality.

My choice

My quest for the best mattress topper to snooze into 2022 has at long last come to an end. 

Hurrah! I researched many reputable bedding brands including Silent night, Simba, Casper, Eve and Naturalmat, however, the one that stood out for me is made by Panda London. It had reassuring won various awards, including most recently the Independent Newspaper’s 2021 ‘Indy/Best Buy’ Award 10/10, it also promised all the things I was looking for. Like keeping you cool yet warm with their signature gel-infused memory foam. Another thing that swayed me was the bamboo cover (a material of which I am already a fan- I wear bamboo socks daily. The plant is hypo-allogenic, anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and easy to wash. Though the decision-maker was their 3rd generation memory Hydrofoam.  

Beds, especially double, need to serve very different humans. From the ideal temperature, we sleep at which can be influenced by gender or age and other factors. They need to be firm and supportive, and ideally not so squidgy they wake you or your partner up when moving around or getting out of bed. . My wife and I are very different sleepers. So as the big day approached… I was beginning to wonder would we both like the Topper that was on its way? 

My verdict

When it arrived, beautifully packaged in a box with clear instructions telling me to allow it to expand and breathe for 12 hours before first use, I thought thumbs up so far. I noticed not only the straps I mentioned to look out for but there was also a clever non-slip surface underneath to give it extra grip to prevent sliding on the mattress surface!

The first night was… Wow. What a difference. Better support, deliciously soft and far comfier than my bed has ever felt. I particularly like the way it kept me gently warm without overheating or feeling uncomfortable. Most importantly, it made getting into bed feel more relaxing. In fact, it just became more and more comfortable, until I don’t remember anything else. Even turning over to a new position was a pleasure, and it gives that slight sinking, relaxing feeling without being too soft. Must be their orthopaedic hydro-foam. I am definitely dreaming more each night.

The hard part? In the mornings I have to say the bed feels so deliciously warm and comfortable that I don’t really want to get up. Facing the day is made easier knowing it’s going to be there when I get back into it tonight. I am pleased to report my sleep really is deeper according to my sleep stats on my wearable tech and bedside sleep monitor, (yes I have both), however, the real sleep quality measurement is that I genuinely feel a little more refreshed and rested the next morning. 

Plus, I like that the brand prides itself on its ecological responsibility. Their planet commitments are impressive, and it feels good to know that what I sleep on is helping me contribute a small but significant change towards helping to save the planet. I’m now going to find out more about their bamboo sheets, as I am a great believer the fabric is a better choice for us humans than cotton etc. 

So, if you are looking for a hypo-allogenic super comfortable ‘drifting-off’ surface to float on your mattress, this could be it.

My Rating –  I give it 10/10

Stay posted… I’ll be looking forward to finding out how it performs in the summer. Will it be as breathable and cool as it is warm in the winter? I will hopefully let you know in about 6 months. 

And my wife? She really loves the topper (and would be the first person to say if she was too hot or uncomfortable).

This is a product that as a sleep coach, I genuinely believe in, and would recommend to anyone, (bearing in mind that all beds mattresses and pillows are extremely subjective).  

This topper is certainly good for people who have long-term musculoskeletal issues (like me), need good support, yet feel comfortable and warm. And if you have a partner with different sleep requirements – this is one comfy choice you might just both agree on… and as with many good bedding companies they offer 10-year guarantees, a 30-night trial, FREE delivery and returns etc… 

See the mattress topper here.

I wish you a great night’s sleep!

Max Kirsten aka The Sleep Coach