28th January, 2018

Top Tips For A Great Night’s Sleep

By Max Kirsten
Top Tips For A Great Night’s Sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be understated, particularly for us runners. Certified Sleep Coach Max Kirsten takes us through the reasons behind this, and recommends steps you can take to get a better night’s sleep.

The importance of sleep cannot be understated. As a sleep coach, most of my work involves helping people to overcome insomnia. Feeling constantly tired, poor health, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and weight gain, are just some of the classic physiological symptoms caused by sleep deprivation.

I believe anxiety, in particular, is one of the principal causes of difficulty in falling and staying asleep. In order to help the restless sleeper counter this, I teach a mindfulness-based autogenic sleep training technique called the ABC of better sleep at my clinic. However, it is essential that those who sleep poorly identify all possible external causes affecting how well they fall asleep. The sleep hygiene list I take clients through addresses these causes – from sensitivity to noise, light, feeling too hot, bed and pillow comfort, physical pain, partner snoring and so on.

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Main photo: Photo by David Mao on Unsplash