Free Better Sleep ‘Drifting’ MP3 Hypnosis Download
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Free Better Sleep 'Drifting' MP3 Hypnosis Download

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This FREE ‘Better Sleep’ Drifting MP3 Download has been specially created to help you to de-stress, unwind, and to fall asleep as it gently towards the end fades to silence.

Please note: my two main sleep programs, ‘ABC of Better Sleep’, and ‘The Insomnia Cure’ are both created to train you with my ABC techniques, my own ‘Mindfulness’ based Autogenic Sleep Training for Insomnia AST-i techniques, as well as powerful guided hypnotic imagery, that I created specially to help you to relax and to drift off…

Wishing you better sleep for 2023.

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Max Kirsten C.Ht

Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Success Coach, Certified Sleep Coach

* Important Information: These hypnotherapy NLP download programs are not in CD format. They are MP3 format sound files (which you can then burn to CD if you wish to later) and some programs contain PDF e-books.

* Please also be aware that MP3 files cannot be downloaded directly to mobile iOS devices – iPhones and iPads. You should always get either the iOS app from the Apple App Store. Similarly, if you are on Android, get the app from Google Play, or if this product is not also available in App format, we recommend that you download an App called ‘Collect’ by WeTransfer or something similar onto your smartphone and/or tablet to use as the MP3 player of these files. Alternatively, you can download these MP3 Packs into Dropbox to stream/play or similar.

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