Sleep: Change The Way You Sleep With This 90 Minute Read
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Sleep: Change The Way You Sleep With This 90 Minute Read

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Proven solutions for better nights, from an elite sleep coach.

One third of our lives are spent trying to sleep. Most us have disturbed, restless nights and rely on a cocktail of caffeine and sugar to drag us through the day. Yet the hours we spend in bed shape our mood, motivation and decision-making skills – defining our performance in work, at home and while keeping fit.

We need a new approach to sleep

In this ground-breaking book, the sleep guru to the stars Nick Littlehales debunks many myths around sleep, Nick introduces the reader to many new concepts, including:

  • Why the fabled eight hours a night just doesn’t add up
  • Why you can have that extra glass of wine or eat late without worrying about getting to bed on time
  • Why you might need less sleep than you think
  • The power of the nap – and how you can nap with your eyes open in a room full of people
  • How to manage the impact of technology while remaining fully connected with the world
  • How to deal with jet lag, young children, snoring and other night-time challenges
  • Why teenagers should be lying in – and why they should be starting school later in the day
  • How to discover your own sleep cycle


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